After 3 Nights He Was Sleeping Through the Night!

After 3 Nights He Was Sleeping Through the Night!

The face of a baby who is finally getting some sleep! I thought this day would never come, but Knox is finally sleeping through the night! So many of you have asked what we did to get to this point and I owe it all to Owlet.

A little back story: Knox was a great sleeper until he turned 3 months old. From the time he was 3- 6 1/2 months he was waking up & nursing every 2 hours (sometimes more). He rightfully gained the nickname Knoxturnal. He would only take 30-minute naps during the day and we were all going crazy.

We had read so many books, tried every trick, but still, nothing worked!! We thought we had tried everything & basically had given up when Owlet reached out to us to try their new Dream Lab program. They claimed to be able to help my baby learn better sleep skills in as little as 7 days. I thought “ohhhh but you haven’t met my baby” (anyone else feel that way).

The thing that is different about the Dream Lab is how personalized it is to YOUR baby. They worked with us to slowly wean down night feedings and told us what areas we needed to improve on to help Knox get better sleep. After only 3 nights he was sleeping through the night!!

I would never, ever recommend something to a zombie parent that didn’t actually work for us. We were totally desperate & thanks to Owlet's Dream Lab, we are all happier. 

Credit: Maddie Castellano

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