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Personalized Program and Team of Sleep Professionals in the Palm of Your Hands

Personalized Program and Team of Sleep Professionals in the Palm of Your Hands
Dream Lab changed my life. I had my first two children in my 20's and didn't mind missing sleep to get up with them several times a night. My third child in my 30s was another story. After months and months of getting up every 2-3 hours, I was desperate for sleep. With my other children, we just guessed and stumbled until we found out what worked for them. My second child didn't sleep through the night until he was 3, so I had no confidence that I'd be able to sleep train, my daughter.

Then, along came Dream Lab! A program that is heaven-sent for exhausted parents. It not only gave me a place to start but it gave me confidence in my ability to sleep train my daughter. It wasn't just "do this" and "do that", it explained to me the science behind everything I was being asked to do and how my baby was doing developmentally through the process. It was amazingly accurate and truly felt like it was personalized for her.

This program isn't a magic fix-all but rather a personalized program and team of sleep professionals in the palm of your hands. You're never alone and you have someone cheering you on through the tough times and praising you with your success. By the end of the program, I understood my daughter's sleep process better which allowed me to make informed decisions about her sleep. She now sleeps through the night and has the tools she needs to get a full night's sleep.

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