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Tips and Tricks

Base Station Brightness 

The Base Station has an ambient light sensor and will automatically adjust the brightness of its lights based on the light in the room.

Travel Tip: Sock battery

The Sock does not normally need to be turned off. Just make sure it is inserted in the Base Station when not in use, so that it can charge.

When traveling, battery life can be saved by turning off the Sock.

Follow these steps to turn off the sock:

1. Remove the Sock from the Base Station.

2. Disconnect the power cord from the Base Station. Press and hold the Base Station button while inserting the power cord back in.

3. Keep holding the Base Station button until light glows orange and you hear 4 beeps.

4. Tap button once. The light in the Sock will turn off.

To turn the Sock back on place the sensor into the Base Station charging port.