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Data to Backup My Judgement

Data to Backup My Judgement

My four-month-old had a high fever. I took him to the doctor where he was checked for the flu and pneumonia. Both tests came back negative and we were told it was just a virus that needed to run its course. The next day my son seemed to be getting worse. He looked terrible and was having a hard time breathing. When I put him to bed that night and I put his Smart Sock on, the live oxygen readings on the app were showing 89%. With my son’s symptoms and oxygen level, I made the decision to get my baby the necessary attention.

We later discovered that my son is fighting RSV and a Coronavirus. We have now been in the ICU for five days. I’m so glad I was to able to track my son’s oxygen and take note of his condition when it was changing. I'm so glad I had the Smart Sock to give me the data I needed to validate my own intuitions. Best $300 I've ever spent.

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