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Empowering Mom With the Right Information at the Right Time

Empowering Mom With the Right Information at the Right Time

Our nine-month-old son, Emmett, had not been feeling well that day. He had a cough and a little wheezing. Since he was born premature, I always worried about respiratory illnesses, and our older son had a bad case of RSV when he was little. We took Emmett to an urgent care clinic where he had a fever of 101. After a nasal test, we were given the diagnosis of RSV. Emmett was given a nebulizer treatment, and we were sent home with a nebulizer and medication.

That night around 9:30 p.m., I put Emmett straight to bed. Half an hour later, my phone and the Base Station started going off with a red notification. Emmett's oxygen saturation was dropping. I rushed in and roused him by rubbing his back and chest. He woke up and his breathing was labored. We realized we needed to take Emmett to the ER.

When we got to the ER, Emmett’s saturation was in the low 80’s, so he was put on oxygen. We were admitted to the hospital. The next day at the hospital, they were discussing a trip up to the PICU if his condition worsened. Thankfully, Emmett turned around and his condition improved, though he still required oxygen. We spent eight days in the hospital with him, but now, he is back to his normal, happy self at home.

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