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From RSV to Happy Healthy Baby

From RSV to Happy Healthy Baby

We have the Owlet and I can't tell people enough how grateful I am to have it. My in-laws purchased it for us, and they often comment about it being the best thing they ever bought because of how it helped my baby boy Jonah.

When Jonah was two and a half months old, he had a little cough. His cough didn’t seem bad but I called the doctor, and they made him an appointment for the morning. Later that night though, the Owlet went off. I thought it might be a false notification. When the Owlet went off a second time, I told my hubby that we were going to the children's hospital ER.

Jonah had RSV and was admitted to the Pediatric ICU. The doctor told me if we had waited a couple hours later, Jonah’s condition could have progressed.

Today, Jonah is a happy, healthy eight-month-old that still uses his Owlet.

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