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How These Parents Sleep Better with the Smart Sock

How These Parents Sleep Better with the Smart Sock

Brentley was born by c-section, weighing 7lbs. 13 oz. The next morning he was transferred to the NICU because he was having low blood sugar levels. Within a few hours, I was cleared to go see him and they told me they were concerned about his breathing as well. Over the next few days he had stopped breathing a total of five times. I work as a nurse on the floor, but you are never prepared when it’s your own sweet baby.

Our amazing neonatologist discovered he had a very small infarction (clot) on his brain, which was causing the apnea spells. After Brentley was five days free of apnea spells, we were finally able to take our sweet boy home. I was elated but a little worried, so my husband and I made the decision to order the Owlet sock.

Even though Brentley has not had any further problems since coming home, my husband and I still sleep so much better knowing he has the Owlet sock on! Thank you Owlet for making such a wonderful product!!!

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