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Living Peacefully With the Owlet

Living Peacefully With the Owlet

I love the Owlet so much! No matter where we travel, the Owlet is always a must.

When my third child was born, she had laryngomalacia and was a super noisy breather. They quickly realized her oxygen saturation level also dropped when she was sleeping. She was on a hospital pulse oximeter and low oxygen at home until she started getting more stable. I was thrilled to be able to move to the Owlet.

Bottom line, I COULD NOT live peacefully at ease without the Owlet. Owlet helps me watch over my baby girl and allows me to sleep better at night. It’s so easy to put on, and it’s the most intelligent little piece of technology. Our daughter is thriving now but I never miss a day using Owlet. I recommend it to every mom with a baby.

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