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Low Oxygen Levels Prompt Parents to Check With Pediatrician

Low Oxygen Levels Prompt Parents to Check With Pediatrician

We had purchased the Owlet Smart Sock months before George was born. I was a worrier and thought it would be a great way to ease my mind.

The first time a notification went off, I raced to the bedroom, picked George up and he seemed fine but groggy. The notification said his oxygen was low. Later that night, the notification went off again, so we called the on-call number for our pediatrician and she had us bring him in as soon as the office could get him in. George was checked briefly and they watched his oxygen drop. He was immediately driven to the children's hospital where he was admitted. The doctors believed it was a lung infection and he did eventually start to get better. He came home a few days after his one month birthday and we have continued using the Owlet Smart Sock ever since for sleep.

Thank you for making this technology available. I definitely would be a complete mess if I didn't have it to reassure me at night.

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