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Reassurance During A Difficult Time

Reassurance During A Difficult Time

When Ezekiel was only two weeks old and we took him for a routine checkup at his pediatrician's office, they discovered that his heart rate was too high. They tried several interventions to get his heart rate down, but nothing was helping. An ambulance was called and Ezekiel was taken to the hospital where they tried several more interventions and medicines. My husband and I were very worried. Our entire family prayed and prayed, and finally Ezekiel’s heart rate came down. The days that followed were spent in the PICU before Ezekiel was sent home on medication.

Following this entire event, of course we did not want to go home without the ability to monitor him (we were used to it from the hospital), but really we needed reassurance that he was okay when he was asleep and when we were sleeping.

Just last month we were able to stop Ezekiel’s medication, and while that was scary, having the Owlet gave us that reassurance we wanted. As a mama and a nurse, I can tell you firsthand that it is difficult to put a price on knowing that your baby is okay while sleeping.

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