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We Got the News - Our Son Had SVT

We Got the News - Our Son Had SVT

While pregnant with my second child, Andrés, I decided to purchase the Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor. From the beginning, we started using the Owlet every time we put Andrés down to sleep.

When Andrés was about a month and a half old, when we received a red notification. I looked at the Owlet Smart Sock app on my phone and it showed his heart rate was at 250 bpm, but Andrés was sound asleep and didn’t have any visible symptoms. I woke up my husband and we turned off the base station and turned it back on in case it was a mistake, but the red notification came back immediately after we turned it on. My husband put his ear on our son’s chest and could tell Andrés’ heart was beating fast. At this point, my husband said we needed to go to the hospital.

As soon as we got to the hospital, we told them what was going on, and that our Smart Sock notified us that his heart rate was above 250 bpm. They put a hospital monitor on him and it was at around 240-250 bpm. They decided to run more tests since Andrés wasn't presenting symptoms. They didn’t have a specialist in our city so we were then sent to a children’s hospital two hours away.

Once we made it to the children’s hospital, they continued to run more tests and to monitor him. The next morning though, the cardiologist told us Andrés has SVT. As a result, Andrés needs to take medication for the next year to keep his heart stable.

THANK YOU! We recommend the Owlet Smart Sock to everyone who is having a baby.

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