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Will's Story

Will's Story

Our seven-month-old son, Will, has Wolff Parkinson’s White (WPW), which means he has an extra electrical pathway between his heart’s upper and lower chambers that can cause a rapid heartbeat. Although short periods of rapid heartbeats are okay, prolonged episodes can be life-threatening.

To avoid these prolonged episodes, we needed a way to monitor his heart rate. We didn’t want to have him hooked up to bulky monitors, so we purchased the Owlet. Ever since we have been using it during all of his naps and while he sleeps throughout the night.

Last week, while Will was sleeping at daycare, we received a red notification on our phones showing that he had an elevated heart rate of 288 bpm. Thanks to the Owlet, we were able to catch this rapid heartbeat right when it started and take him to the hospital to bring his heart rate down, all within an hour!

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