Android App Status

Update for Android Users in US, AU, CA

Please Update to New Owlet App

Date: 9/27/19

Thank you for your patience as we’ve been working to resolve issues related to the “Old Owlet” Android app. Over the past couple of weeks, you may have received multiple push notifications or experienced peculiar issues within your app. These outcomes are linked to the server outage we experienced a few weeks ago.

To use the app moving forward, Android users will need to install the New Owlet app. We realize many of you enjoy the old app, but we know you’ll love the new app even more. It is packed with robust features and will give you the ability to track the quality and duration of your baby’s sleep and see historical trends all within the same app.

Though we know this has been a frustrating experience, we are confident you will once again enjoy the great features you’ve come to expect from Owlet after migrating to the new app. 

Steps to setting up your New Owlet app:

  • Download and create a new account for the New Owlet app 
      • If you have already created an account, please use the email credentials originally used to sign in. If you don’t remember your password, please click “reset password.” You can also use a new email address if you are still unable to access your account. 
  • Delete the Old Owlet app from your device
  • Add your device to the New Owlet app
  • Unplug your base station from power for 1 minute
  • Connect your sock to the base station
  • Click Account > Add Device and follow the onscreen prompts

    Still can’t connect?

    • Please sign out and back in to your New Owlet app to re-establish the link or send a chat through the app or website if you need further support.

    If you continue experiencing duplicate or unusual notifications after following the above steps, please fill out this survey so we can better assist you: