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Status Update for Owlet Cam

Date: 3/26/2019 Time: 8:11 AM MST
Issue has been resolved. iPhone users should not be experiencing issues with iOS 12.2.

Date: 3/25/2019 Time: 4:46 PM MST
OUTAGE WARNING: If you update to Apple’s newest operating system (12.2), it isn't compatible with the New Owlet app, affecting your camera functionality.
We're actively working on a solution and will update this page with more information.

IOS App Schedule

Version 1.1.3
UPDATED 3/24/19

Download the latest IOS App Here

This version includes fixes for:
• More consistent video loading
• Top app stability issues
• App freezing
• OTA improvements

Here's what we're working on:
• Background audio
• Optimizing video stream for cleaner video/audio

Android App Updates

Version 1.1.1
UPDATED 3/22/19

Download the latest Android App Here

This version includes fixes for:
• Microphone
• Top App stability issues
• Background audio
• Initial video after log in
• OTA update improvements

Here's what we're working on:
• Video/audio enhancements

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New Owlet App Updates

We’re actively working on app enhancements and improvements to improve your experience.