September is Baby Safety Month

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Safe Sleep for babies

Owlet was founded to give parents more insight into their babies’ health and help them find more joy in the journey.

While the Owlet Smart Sock can give you peace of mind, it's important to make sure your baby is sleeping in safe conditions. Helping families understand the importance of safe sleep practices and empowering parents to keep their babies safe and well-rested is why we do what we do.

Do you know the ABCs
of safe sleep for babies?

While the Smart Sock can give you peace of mind, it’s important to make sure your baby is always sleeping in a safe sleep environment. Safe sleep for babies is as easy as A, B, C! When creating a safe sleep environment for your baby, just follow these 3 easy-to-remember tips:

A – placing baby alone
B – on their back
C – in their crib

How to Hide Cords From Baby

The cords on devices like your Owlet Cam are one of those baby hazards that often get overlooked. Did you know that studies show that 60% of baby monitor cords are installed in unsafe places? Here are some ways to help you properly babyproof your nursery and hide cords from Baby.

Bare is Best

It's fun to get cute, colorful and cuddly toys and blankets for your new baby! But do these things belong in your little one's crib?

According to top child safety experts, that's NOT what a safe sleep environment looks like, and the only cute and cuddly thing in a crib should be your baby.

Baby Sleeps Alone

Snuggling with your little one is a relaxing activity for both you and your baby.

However, snuggling shouldn't last past bedtime. According to the United States Consumer Product Commission, safe sleep practices include sharing a room with you rather but not sharing a bed. Why? And for how long?