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Help Your Baby Sleep Safely

Baby Safety Month

Baby Safety Month


Check out these tips to help provide a safer sleep environment for your baby

ABCs of Safe Sleep

It's important to follow the ABCs of safe sleep with your baby:
A – placing baby alone
B – on their back
C – in their crib

Cover Your Loose Cords

Keep loose cords out of reach of your little one. This month, we're offering free cord management kits so you can safely cover loose baby monitor cords. *While supplies last.
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Bare Is Best

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends you do not place any loose blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, or other soft objects in your baby's sleeping area.

Baby Sleeps Alone

Consider room-sharing with your baby, not bed-sharing. The AAP recommends doing this for at least the first 6 months and optimally, for the first year of life.

Free Cord Covers

In honor of Baby Safety Month, Owlet is giving away FREE cord cover kits, while supplies last

Safely Cover Your Loose Cords

We want to help parents provide a safer environment for their little ones, so we're giving away FREE cord cover kits ($14.00 value) during the month of September!

These cord covers can be used for most baby monitor systems, and we encourage families to safely keep loose cords out of reach of their little ones. Simply fill out the form below to request your free cord cover kit. *While supplies last.

How to Safely Cover Your Cords

  • Step #1

    Fill out the form below to request free cord covers and then we'll send you a free cord cover kit

  • Step #2

    Once you've received your kit, peel of the adhesive stickers and thread your loose cable through the covers

  • Step #3

    Snap the covers together over your loose cord and then press firmly to stick it onto the wall

  • Step #4

    Wrap any excess cords not needed inside the cable box (found in your kit) and then you're all set!

Cord Covers Temporarily Out of Stock

We had an overwhelming amount of requests for the Cord Cover Kits. Please join our waiting list to be notified of our next promotion.

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