Know Your Baby &
Know Their Okay

Real-time & trended insights
into your baby’s heart rate,
oxygen levels & sleep.


Proactive Insights

We provide insight into your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels, sleep data and comfort indicators with the goal of understanding of your baby’s wellness and informing you when we sense your baby needs your attention.

Peace of Mind at a Glance

Check on baby without disturbing their sleep. The Owlet Smart Sock uses pulse oximetry to track heart and oxygen levels and send real-time insights to your phone. It also includes a base station which glows green to reassure you baby is okay but will notify you if heart rate and oxygen levels leave preset zones.

94% Report Less Anxiety

Better Sleep for Baby and You

Sleep is critical to your infant’s overall wellness, mood and development. Use Owlet’s Connected Care App to track your baby’s sleep. See totals hours slept, awake times and a breakdown of light vs. deep sleep. Use this data as a powerful tool to help create bedtime routines and develop healthy sleep habits for your baby.

96% Report Better Sleep

Get to Know Your Baby

We help you understand what your baby can’t say. Receive weekly tips and milestones based on your baby’s age coupled with a trended history of your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. Make decisions based on data and chart a course for proper development. Add notes to record progress and share visual snapshots with your friends, family or doctor.

Join the Movement

Sleep-related risks are highest during the first year of life. We believe we can help parents by:


Creating products to give better insights into the health and well-being of infants in the home.


Educating parents on safe sleep practices and other ways to raise healthy babies.


Partnering with foundations and researchers to raise awareness around infant health issues.

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