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Owlet Band Beta Testers

We are excited to announce local Beta of the Owlet Pregnancy Band is dropping next month!! #yay 
To be part of the Beta Program you must meet the criteria below:
  1. Currently 22-32 weeks pregnant 
  2. Must have a single pregnancy 
  3. Own an iPhone (preferably an iPhone 8 or higher) 
  4. Must have IOS 11.2 or higher installed on your IOS device 
  5. Must be willing to participate by using the product daily and answering our surveys until the end of the pregnancy
You will be one of the first to try this amazing product! In addition, you will receive a 30% discount code to Owlet. Your participation will assist us in creating a product that provides information and assurance to future moms.

Since you will be part of product testing, some features associated with the band are still in development and may not be available during your use of the product. However, your participation and feedback are much needed so that we can optimize features and provide the best user experience. As features are finalized and released you will be the first to know and will have the opportunity to try them out and give feedback. After the testing period, we will have you send us the fabric band. We'll provide a shipping label and envelope for you to return.

If you are interested in being part of beta, please fill out the form below. The product is free to Beta Testers. 

If you know other pregnant moms who might be interested, please send us their contact information and we will reach out to them.

Thank you so much Beta Tester!
Owlet Band Beta Form: