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Owlet Pregnancy Band Beta

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What's included: 4 different band sizes, 1 medallion, 1 charger

Connect with your baby months before they arrive with the Owlet Band Beta. Get daily insights and the reassurance about your little one you crave through our first-of-its-kind, at-home pregnancy monitor.

Join our beta testing group and get daily updates sent directly to your phone to track things like your baby’s heart rate, your sleep position, a recording of your baby’s heartbeat, and more.

The Owlet Pregnancy Band Beta brings the peace of mind you want, so you can get the sleep you need.

  • Track Baby’s and Mom’s heartbeat
    • Allows you to check in with your baby every day by using safe, passive listening technology to provide a daily report of mom and baby’s overnight average heartbeat
  • Listen to Baby’s heartbeat
    • Hear a recording of your baby’s heartbeat every morning and share with family and friends.
  • Track Mom’s sleep position
    • See what positions mom is sleeping in overnight and make adjustments to promote healthy pregnancy habits such as side sleeping.
  • Prompts for manual kick counts
    • Receive notifications to complete a manual kick count if your baby’s heartbeat changes overnight.

More about the Band:

  • For overnight use between 24+ weeks gestation
    • Purchase the Band after you are pregnant
  • Intended for singleton pregnancies only; does not work for multiples
  • Beta version is compatible with Apple devices (iOS13 or higher) only
  • Soft, breathable fabric band fits pregnancy sizes XS to 3XL
  • HSA/FSA approved

Learn more regarding Owlet Band safety and accuracy.

Please note: the Owlet Pregnancy App and Owlet Pregnancy Band are for informational gathering purposes only and intended to provide helpful insights to expecting mothers during a healthy pregnancy in the second and third trimesters. The Owlet Pregnancy Band has not been reviewed by the FDA and is NOT intended to be a replacement for a medical device of any kind. For any medical questions or concerns regarding your pregnancy or your baby’s health, please consult with your doctor. The Owlet Pregnancy Band is not a medical device and is not intended to be used to diagnose, cure, treat, alleviate or prevent any disease or health condition.


  • What is beta?
  • Beta testing means the product is still in development. You will experience the features listed, but can encounter bugs and are expected to provide feedback on these bugs. The most common problem we are trying to overcome is the delivery of session reports in the morning. 1 in 20 sessions currently encounter this issue.
  • Does the Owlet Band count kicks or track contractions?
  • No, the Owlet Band does not count kicks or track contractions. Release of these features is to be determined.
  • Does the Owlet Band provide live readings of Baby’s heart rate?
  • No, the Owlet Band does not provide live readings. The Band is intended to be worn while sleeping. Mom wakes up to a report of their baby’s heart rate throughout the night, allowing her to know that Baby is okay. Products that show live readings, such as ultrasound dopplers, have been found to be unsafe for daily use.
  • Is the Owlet Band safe to use?
  • Yes, the Owlet Band uses passive listening that is safe for continuous use and different from ultrasound doppler technology. To learn more, read this article:
  • Is the Owlet Band’s heart rate tracking accurate?
  • Yes, the Owlet Band accurately detects Baby’s heart rate +/- 2.21 BPM. To learn more, read this article:
  • What does participation in the beta program require?
  • Participation in the beta program requires completing surveys throughout product usage. Approximately 1 survey will be sent per week.
  • Can I continue using my Owlet Band after beta?
  • Yes, the Owlet Band is yours to keep after purchase. We will support usage with on-going app releases. The warranty policy is 1 year, learn more here:
  • Can Baby’s position or other factors interfere with the Owlet Band’s readings?
  • Over 90% of sessions will have a high quantity of readings from Baby. It is unknown how Baby’s position or the placenta’s position affect readout. Session length, sensor placement and relaxation are key to achieving high quality readings. While the baby is in vernix, anywhere between 27 weeks and 35 weeks gestation, readings are affected. Learn more here:

“Pregnancy can be such an emotional time for a woman so having the peace of mind of monitoring your baby and knowing what they are doing inside you is reassuring. Using the owlet band has made it both fun and gave me some peace of mind knowing her little heart rate was strong and she is thriving. It’s a great tool to add during your pregnancy. I would using the owlet band daily just to ensure I know what is going on in there.”

Emily Mass - Spring Hill, FL

“I love the feature that shows my sleeping position. I am frequently worried that I am sleeping on my back all night. It’s nice to have confirmation that I am not.”

Steph Singleton - Riverton, UT

“This band is SO nice because I feel my sleep being so much deeper as I’m not stressing counting kick counts or was that a kick or was that in my head thought or is he moving less than normal? Is he ok? With the band I wake up and get an instant feeling of peace because I’m met with the sounds of mommy baby’s sleeping heart and comfort that he is doing well. I love this!”

Chrissy York - Seattle, WA