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Owlet Band Overnight Pregnancy Monitor - BETA

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Product available to beta testers only. Product ships July 1st, beta program begins July 8th. Email with any additional questions. 

As an expecting parent, the days and weeks between doctor’s visits can sometimes feel like an eternity. There aren’t a lot of safe, or even accurate, ways to check in with your baby. But now you can safely connect with your baby every single night, and gain the insights you crave between regular prenatal visits from the comfort of your own home.

  • Intended for use every night of pregnancy after 24+ weeks gestation
  • Allows you to check in with your baby, every day
  • Uses safe, passive technology to collect information on Baby and Mom's wellness
  • Listen to recording of baby’s heartbeat
  • Tracks your baby's heart rate through the night and throughout pregnancy
  • Receive prompt if your baby's heart rate left normal range during the night
  • Track Mom's heart rate and sleeping position throughout the night
  • Soft & breathable

*compatible only with iOS and requires iOS 13 or higher
*The Band fits pregnancy pant sizes XS-XL (additional sizing available up to 3XL through customer support)
*The Owlet Band is intended for pregnancies 24 weeks and beyond
*Purchasing the Owlet Band Beta requires participation in beta testing
*Expecting parents of twins or multiples are not eligible for Band beta

*The Band is an information gathering device designed to help women have a healthy pregnancy and provides sleep position and heartbeat audio at a glance in the Owlet Pregnancy App. It is not a medical device and will not diagnose, cure, treat, alleviate or prevent any disease or health condition.

“Pregnancy can be such an emotional time for a woman so having the peace of mind of monitoring your baby and knowing what they are doing inside you is reassuring. Using the owlet band has made it both fun and gave me some peace of mind knowing her little heart rate was strong and she is thriving. It’s a great tool to add during your pregnancy. I would using the owlet band daily just to ensure I know what is going on in there.”

Emily Mass - Spring Hill, FL

“I love the feature that shows my sleeping position. I am frequently worried that I am sleeping on my back all night. It’s nice to have confirmation that I am not.”

Steph Singleton - Riverton, UT

“This band is SO nice because I feel my sleep being so much deeper as I’m not stressing counting kick counts or was that a kick or was that in my head thought or is he moving less than normal? Is he ok? With the band I wake up and get an instant feeling of peace because I’m met with the sounds of mommy baby’s sleeping heart and comfort that he is doing well. I love this!”

Chrissy York - Seattle, WA