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Introducing the Owlet Smart Sock.

Confidently See Your Baby's Health at a Glance.

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Pulse Oximetry

Pulse oximetry has been in hospitals and pediatrics for decades. It's likely you've even used it. It simply utilizes light (red and infrared) to measure heart rate and oxygen levels.

Bluetooth 4.0 LE

The Smart Sock uses Bluetooth 4.0 to wirelessly transmit information to your phone. If your phone doesn't have Bluetooth 4.0, or you don’t have a smartphone, the monitor also comes with a USB plug-in that can be attached to your computer. If your home has Wi-Fi, then you will be able to see your child’s information from any internet-connected device.


Safety was a top priority when we engineered the Owlet Smart Sock. The sock is hypoallergenic, wireless, and doesn't use any adhesives. The electronic components are housed in a water-resistant, medical-grade silicone case to protect your child from any electrical contact.


Housed within the silicon, a rechargeable battery powers the Smart Sock. The battery will power the smart sock for up to two full days unless you excessively check realtime vitals. If you are low on battery, a notification will be sent to your smartphone, and you can recharge the battery using a micro USB charger.


a) 7.7 cm
b) 2.9 cm
c) .7 cm
d) 9 cm
e) temperature sensor
f) 2 red and 2 infrared lights

What's Being Measured

Get a snapshot into your child's well-being.

heart rate
Heart Rate

The heart is the pump that moves oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. As a parent, you're entitled to know if your child's heart is functioning normally.

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Not too hot and not too cold. See your child’s skin temperature.

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Oxygen levels indicate how well your child is breathing.

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roll over alerts
Rollover alerts

Know if your child rolls facedown.

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The App

Right at your fingertips


Heart rate, oxygen levels, skin temperature, sleep quality, and sleeping position are all available in one view.


Customize which buttons appear on the home screen so that you can have quick access to what is most important to you.


Have a beautiful, graphical view of your child’s health data. Start to notice trends and relationships in this information.

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Mom's Turn

Here is why you will be a Super Mom:

Peace of Mind

Less stress equals a longer and more full life. Our goal at Owlet is to give you one less thing to stress about.

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Help the World

You can help science improve the health of our world’s children. Save lives. Do good. Feel good.

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Sleep Better

Even Super Mom needs to recharge her mental batteries. More Sleep=Happy Mommy.

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Work with a Pediatrician

Impress your pediatrician when you print out weeks' worth of your child’s health information.

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Professional Opinion

Doctor Approved Technology

"[Pulseoximetry] is very safe... The Owlet Baby Monitor, in my opinion, is a novel way of providing accurate and helpful information in babies on their oxygen saturation."

-Dr. Stoddard, M.D.


Get yourself something, and help Owlet be a success!

Owlet Vitals Monitor


  How does Owlet Smart Sock work?

The Smart Sock is worn by your baby as she sleeps. It collects heart rate, oxygen, and sleep data and sends it via Bluetooth 4.0 to the parent's smartphone. Your infant's data is then pushed to the cloud and is available to any internet-connected device.

  How long do the batteries last?

The sock is powered by rechargeable batteries and you will be notified when batteries are low. Parents will receive alerts as long as the batteries have power.

  Which frequency does Owlet use?

Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (2.4 GHz). The Owlet Monitor will not receive interference from home alarms, cellphones or other electronics.

  Does it work with all smartphones?

Yes, anything that has an internet browser (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) will be able to access the data remotely via their mobile browser. Our iPhone app is already complete and our Android version will be done by the time the product is ready to be shipped. The same apps will be available for your favorite tablet as well. Also, if you have multiple children using the Owlet Smart Sock you will be able to monitor them through the same app and multiple devices.

  Is it washable?

Yes, the electronics can be pulled out and the fabric can be washed separately.

  Can Owlet fit under footie pajamas?


  When will Owlet ship?

All the rewards will ship Summer 2014.

  How does the Rollover Alert work?

For an infant sleeping on their back is important for a safe sleep environment. If your child rolls onto her stomach an audible alarm will sound while the app is running in the background of your phone. This feature can be turned on or off from the app.

  I have more questions

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