Within 3 Days, She Was Sleeping 11 Hours Straight at Night

Within 3 Days, She Was Sleeping 11 Hours Straight at Night

I was torn on doing sleep training because our daughter was a pretty good sleeper. That is, she was a pretty good sleeper after I spent 30 minutes bouncing her to sleep every night and then carefully putting her in her crib praying she wouldn't wake up. And she only woke up once at 3:30 for a nursing session. Still, as first-time parents, my husband and I thought we had it made.

We decided to do sleep training through Dream Lab because waking up in the middle of the night was really starting to wear on both of us, especially me. I was surprised when we started the process of how many things we had been doing "wrong". Once we corrected those mistakes, we were floored by the difference in our daughter's sleep.

Within 3 days, she was sleeping 11 hours straight at night without my needing to bounce her to sleep or getting up in the middle of the night for a dreamfeed. She also got on a structured nap schedule and now naps in her crib rather than in our arms. It's a little sad not to have her take naps with us anymore, but we appreciate the freedom of having those hours back knowing she's getting solid, safe sleep. The fact that she learned to self-soothe through the Dream Lab sleep training and can now put herself to sleep has been a great development for all three of us!

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