Owlet Cares

Owlet Cares is our advocacy initiative that is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of babies and parents.


Raised for critical SIDS research alongside our Owlet Cares partners


Product and charitable support donated since 2021


Owlet Cares partners who helped us donate more than 2,000 Owlet products in 2023


Trees given to loss families through the Nursery of Hope

We exist for every baby, every parent

Charitable Giving

As part of our announcement of surpassing 1 million babies monitored in 2021, Owlet Cares has donated more than $1.4M in product and charitable support to like-minded organizations.

Nonprofit Partnerships

Owlet Cares partners with nonprofit organizations all over the world who share in our mission. These groups participate in our 3:1 match program. When they purchase one Owlet product, we match it with two - meaning three families are reached.

Infant + Maternal Health Research

Through work with industry associations, research institutions and government bodies, Owlet Cares works to be a key leader in conversations surrounding infant and maternal health, improving the future for babies and families alike.

Employee Engagement

Founded by parents with a mission to advocate for parents, Owlet supports its employees in their own parenthood journeys. We also provide volunteer and educational opportunities to further connect Owlet employees to our mission.

Our Million-Dollar Pledge

In 2021, Owlet announced that 1 million babies had been monitored using our technology. To date, Owlet has donated more than $1.4M in product and charitable support, including raising critical dollars needed for SIDS research, to partners across the globe.

We do this by partnering with mostly parent-led organizations across the country that participate in our 3:1 match program. Every time they purchase one Owlet product, we match it with two - meaning three families are reached.

We also support like-minded organizations through impactful product deliveries, event sponsorships and education initiatives.

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*Owlet products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or other condition, including but not limited to, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and/or Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

SIDS Research and Awareness

Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID), which includes SIDS, claims the lives of more than 3,000 babies each year in the U.S. alone.*

Owlet believes that no baby should die unexpectedly in their sleep and that's why we’ve helped raise more than $150,000 for critical SIDS research being done by Dr. Carmel Harrington of Australia who lost her son to SIDS more than thirty years ago.

Last year, Dr. Harrington made a breakthrough by identifying a common biomarker in babies who died from SIDS. This finding means that for the first time, there is the possibility of identifying SIDS-vulnerable babies. The next phase of her team's research is more important than ever. Learn more here

*CDC Sudden Unexpected Infant Death and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Data and Statistics

Nursery of Hope

At Owlet, our mission is to reach every baby and every parent. Part of this mission includes providing a safe and supportive place for parents to celebrate and honor the little ones who are no longer with us. 

The Owlet Cares Nursery of Hope is a nationwide initiative where we plant trees in honor of babies who are gone but never forgotten.

You can help the Nursery of Hope grow by purchasing a tree that will be donated by one of our Owlet Cares nonprofit partners directly to a family that has experienced the loss of a child.

In 2023, we donated more than 400 trees thanks to support from our customers and Owlet Cares partners. 

Donate a tree today.

Crisis Support

When families are impacted by a crisis or natural disasters, we want to be there to provide peace of mind in situations where it’s needed most.

In 2022, together with several parent-led nonprofit organizations, Owlet employees and the Global Empowerment Mission, the Owlet Cares program donated 650 monitors to support Ukrainian refugees.

Clinical Research

Our pursuit of every baby, every parent includes research to further our mission of empowering parents to give care at home. In addition to research to show the accuracy, safety and usability of our technologies in the home, we work with clinicians and research institutions to leverage our massive set of infant data and power studies. Studies utilizing Owlet’s insights and data have been published in peer-reviewed journals including The Journal of Pediatrics and Frontiers in Pediatrics, and others.

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