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Before Dream Lab, We Were Waking Up Every 2-3 Hours Each Night

Before Dream Lab, We Were Waking Up Every 2-3 Hours Each Night

Why should you consider Dream Lab? It really works.

Like most parents, we really thought we understood prior to using Dream Lab what our new little baby needed and what we needed to do as parents to support him. Then the midnight wakings increased, which we tried dealing by what seemed logical, but before we knew how it happened we were awake every 2-3 hours, which begins to really wear you thin, making each day harder to get through.

We finally decided, something has got to change.. and then we found Dream Lab! What an answer that has not only helped our little boy consistently sleep through the night 10-12 hours with no wakings, in only 5 days by the way, but also has helped us sleep better in the process.

We are very thankful that this program has been made available and is so easy to use with everything explained every step of the way. Thank you Dream Lab. One of the best decisions we have made and we highly recommend it for any other parents that may be going through similar issues.

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