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RSV - When Peace of Mind is a Thousand Times More Valuable

RSV - When Peace of Mind is a Thousand Times More Valuable

In February, we had a couple of weeks of sickness at our house. One of my biggest fears as a mother of a baby, is respiratory illness. Unfortunately, my three-month-old baby, Josiah, started getting sick. I was hoping it would somehow miraculously skip him, but he started with a runny nose and low fever, followed by a yucky cough, over the next couple of days. Thanks to the Owlet, we saw his oxygen levels slowly trending downward while his breathing was rapidly speeding up and becoming more labored.

The next day we went to the doctor and received a diagnosis of RSV. We were told that the pediatrics floor was full at the hospital because RSV was going around. We were given breathing treatments to do at home and told Josiah would either start to turn the corner and get better, or get much worse. This is where my thankfulness for the Owlet comes in. The next evening, Josiah was grunting to exhale, and was breathing rapidly. We were able to talk to a friend, a nurse practitioner, who told us what to look for to know if we needed to go to the ER. I watched the O2% number. At first, it was not looking good and even dropped to 80 at one point to sound a red notification, but I was able to tend him all night and do breathing treatments when his O2% number got too low. Slowly as the night went on, his O2% number started going up, until it was finally stable in the mid-high 90s.

I CANNOT TELL YOU ENOUGH how thankful I am for the Owlet baby monitor and the peace of mind it brought me. I was able to actually see my son start to get better, both by watching him breathe, and by watching the Owlet to see his oxygen level improve. The Owlet was so, so reassuring all night. The peace of mind is priceless, even on a typical night, but when your baby is sick, the peace of mind is a thousand times more valuable. Thank you, thank you!!

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