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Does your little one have difficulty falling—or staying—asleep at night or during the day? Dream Lab can help.

Designed for babies 4 months to 12 months and created with pediatric sleep consultants Jennifer Waldburger & Jill Spivack, Dream Lab is an online and interactive sleep program designed specifically for your baby and you.

How it works:

  • Take a sleep assessment of Baby’s sleep patterns and environment

  • Learn the fundamentals of no-tears sleep training through video tutorials from Jen & Jill

  • Receive a step-by-step sleep plan designed specifically for your baby

  • Follow the plan and input Baby’s progress--the interactive plan will shift according to baby’s progress to keep you on track

  • Know exactly when to put baby down for naps, or if weaning, when to wake for feedings

  • Tune in for twice-weekly private webinars with Jen & Jill to answer your questions live

  • Experience better sleep for you and baby in 7 days or less--guaranteed*


*Money back guarantee: full refund if returned within 15 days of registration

*Designed for babies 4-12 months

*US customers only

Dream Lab Features

  • Personalized sleep education plan

  • 45 minutes of video tutorials

  • Auto-adjusting sleep schedule

  • Current sleep score report

Better Sleep Money Back Guarantee

If your baby hasn’t made significant improvements in the length and quality of their night time sleep, we’ll refund* the price of the sleep plan.

*Must request refund within 15 days of purchase

Dream Lab sleep experts

Dream Lab sleep consultants Jill and Jen have a combined 40-years Dream Lab sleep consultants Jill and Jen have a combined 40-years experience guiding over 500,000 babies to sleep.

Dream Lab sleep consultants Jill and Jen have a combined 40-years experience guiding over 500,000 babies to sleep.

“Dream Lab has changed our life and completely changed our baby. Thank you for giving me my happy well rested baby”

Krista Allison

“This was so easy to follow, worked well for us and saved our household. Thank you Owlet Dream Lab!”

Cymone Cowling

“Dream Lab is fantastic! My baby started sleeping better the first night! He can now put himself to sleep and sleeps through the night. I loved the videos and the schedule. I felt like Dream Lab gave me so much support.”


Dream Lab FAQs

  • What is Dream Lab?
  • Designed for babies four to 12 months, Dream Lab is an interactive online sleep coaching program, created with the country’s top sleep coaches Jill Spivack and Jennifer Waldburger. Dream Lab creates a customized and detailed sleep training plan specifically for your baby and guides you minute by minute, day by day, to getting your baby to sleep through the night and take great naps.
  • What will I receive if I purchase Dream Lab?
  • If you purchase Dream Lab from owletcare.com, you will immediately receive an email with an activation code to the online program, and you can begin sleep training at dreamlab.owletcare.com whenever you are ready. Your registration will begin the day you activate your code. Dream Lab starts with a comprehensive assessment to understand your baby, customized instructions on how to set your baby up for success, 45 minutes of video tutorials, a step-by-step sleep schedule, and weekly webinars with Jen & Jill. If you purchase Dream Lab from one of our retailers, you will receive all the same materials and access, but the activation code will instead be mailed to you within a few days.
  • How long can I use Dream Lab?
  • Dream Lab is designed specifically for babies from 4 to 12 months. You will receive detailed sleep schedules for each age milestone, so whenever you start your sleep training journey, you will have a schedule that grows with them.
  • Do I have to have an Owlet sock to use it?
  • Dream Lab does not integrate with any other Owlet products – you do not need an Owlet product to use it!
  • Is this another cry it out product?
  • Dream Lab is not a “cry it out” method, though unfortunately there is no way to teach a baby to sleep without a few tears. With that in mind, our methods are designed to minimize tears as much as possible, offering parents 3 options (Visit, Stay, or Touch) that allow for more or less interaction based on what you feel is best for your baby (and you) during the sleep learning process.


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