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Smart Sock 2 - Field Test Unit


Join our field test team and help us make our Smart Sock 2 even better! This item is HSA/FSA eligible.  

Must use Smart Sock within 1 month of purchase.

These Smart Socks have undergone stringent testing and field testing is the final step before we push an update/improvement of the Smart Sock to everyone.

      • What is a Field Test Unit?
      • A field test unit is a Smart Sock unit that is currently undergoing an improvement, change or modification to improve the customer’s experience. These units are new and unused with all the current benefits of the Smart Sock 2. These units have already gone through thorough testing prior to our official test. 

      • Why does Owlet conduct field tests?
      • Anytime we make improvement or change to the Smart Sock, we want to ensure it delivers the expected experience to our customers and is on par or even better than our current product.  After stringent testing, field testing is the final step before we push an update/improvement of the Smart Sock to the masses.

      • What types of things do you field test?
      • We field test any change that could potentially impact our customer’s experience with the product. Field tests could include but are not limited to any combination of the following items:  An update internal/external hardware, app features, changes in product design or experience, a new manufacturer or manufacturing process.

      • What if something is wrong with my field test unit?
      •  Should you encounter any bugs, glitches, lack of functionality or other problems on the product, please let us know immediately so we can rectify these accordingly. Your help in this regard is greatly appreciated.

        If Owlet identifies any issues with the product, Owlet will notify the purchaser and repair/replace the unit at no cost to you.  As with Smart Sock 2 regular units, these units are covered by a 1-year warranty.

      • What's Inside?
        • 3 Fabric socks (Sizes 0-18 months)
        • Smart Sock Sensor
        • Base Station
        • Charging Cords
        • Owlet App
        • *Smart phone not included
      • Warranty
      • 1-Year (This is the same as our current, in-market Smart Sock 2)