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Dream Lab™ Sleep Course

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Give your baby the gift of sleep with the customized Dream Lab video course

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Meet the experts

Industry pioneers Jill and Jen are the world's first sleep consultants and built their careers teaching babies of high-profile clients how to sleep through the night.

With over 40 years of combined experience, they've guided more than 500,000 children to a full night's sleep.

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  • Personalized sleep education plan

  • 45 minutes of video tutorials

  • Auto-adjusting sleep schedule

  • Current sleep score report

Dream Lab is the smart course that reacts to your baby's sleep learning progress and automatically adjusts the daily schedule.

“Dream Lab has changed our life and completely changed our baby. Thank you for giving me my happy well rested baby”

Krista Allison

“This was so easy to follow, worked well for us and saved our household. Thank you Owlet Dream Lab!”

Cymone Cowling

“Dream Lab is fantastic! My baby started sleeping better the first night! He can now put himself to sleep and sleeps through the night. I loved the videos and the schedule. I felt like Dream Lab gave me so much support.”


“This momma is a better mamma because of the sleep we both get!”

Jessica R

“Dream Lab goes deep and really shows you how to help your baby learn to sleep on his/her own. I recommend it to all who I come in contact with! Thank you, Dream Lab!”

Morgan S

“Dream Lab has completely changed our baby (9 months old)! Her overall mood and temperament have improved so much because she is now getting the required sleep that she needs instead of being constantly overtired.”

Jocelyn M

Better Sleep Money Back Guarantee

Unlike other sleep plans, Dream Lab gives you six weeks to try our video course. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the progress your baby has made after six weeks with Dream Lab we’ll refund* your purchase.

*Must request refund within 6 weeks of purchase

Dream Lab

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