The Owlet® Dream Sock™

Let's get you up to speed on the most frequently asked questions about the Dream Sock baby monitor

Base Station Prompts

Putting On the Sock

Making Sure the Sock is Comfortable

Predictive Sleep Technology

Understanding Base Station Prompts

The Base Station uses lights and sounds to notify you if Baby is uncomfortable, the Sock connection is not stable, or if the Sock needs adjusting on Baby's foot.

When receiving readings, the Base Station will glow green. Here's what else to expect from your Base Station:

Lavender Sleep Assist Prompt

A lavender prompt from the Base Station and on your phone indicates that Baby may need assistance to sleep better. This may occur when there is significant crying or movement, when the baby is uncomfortable, or if the room is too hot, too cold, too humid or too dry.

Blue Prompt

If you receive a blue prompt, that means the connection between the Dream Sock and Base Station has been interrupted. A blue prompt means the Dream Sock may be out of range, out of battery, or the signal is being blocked.

Yellow Prompt

A yellow prompt means the Dream Sock is having difficulty getting a reading and may need adjusting. Check the fit and/or placement of your baby’s Dream Sock to ensure the Sock can gather sleep data.

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Putting on the Owlet® Dream Sock™ Baby Monitor

1. Place the notch in the Sock behind the pinky toe on the outside of the foot.

2. Secure the toe strap around the foot above the toes.

3. Then wrap the ankle strap around the back of the ankle and secure it on top of the foot. Ensure that the ankle strap covers the full strip from the ankle to the top of the foot.

Ensure the Sock is Comfortable on Baby’s Skin

  • Make sure Baby's skin is not damp, allowing lotions & creams to dry before using the Sock.
  • Alternate feet each night
  • Make sure it’s not too loose or too tight
  • Clean your Sock at least every 2 weeks to keep it clean
  • Socks can wear out over time. If yours gets worn out or if you want a clean sock on laundry day, consider ordering additional Fabric Socks.

Predictive Sleep Technology

What is Predictive Sleep Technology?

Predictive Sleep Technology is a tool that leverages Owlet’s unique algorithm to automatically calculate Baby’s next sleep session based on their age, time slept in their prior nap, and how long it’s been since their nap. Then, their next nap time is displayed in the app, on the home screen, so you can better plan your day.

How do I use it?

Predictive Sleep will automatically track Baby’s sleep & wake windows for you if Baby is wearing their Dream Sock for each sleep session. If you miss a sleep session, you can manually add it in the Dream App to get current sleep recommendations current.

Why is Predictive Sleep Technology important?

Baby’s sleep needs & habits change as they age - this can be very difficult for parents to keep track of, or to understand what Baby needs when they are going through a change in their sleep needs. Predictive Sleep takes the guesswork out of naptime and helps you anticipate Baby’s needs before they are overtired.

Best way to make this part of your bedtime routine

  • Put the Sock on right before bed
  • Don't use while feeding or while baby is awake. The Dream Sock learns about your baby by tracking their data while they sleep. Using while Baby is awake can lead to inaccurate readings.

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