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Our shared love for every baby compels us to solve the unsolvable

Tested Accuracy

Owlet holds ourselves to the highest standard because we want the best for parents and babies. Our products are tested to medical device standards for accuracy and are clinically validated.


Owlet Smart Sock V2 Clinically Validated Accuracy Results with Third Party Lab Clinimark   View Study >

Accuracy Report for the Owlet Smart Sock 2.0   View Accuracy Report >

Owlet Smart Sock 3.0 Clinical Accuracy Report   View Accuracy Report >

Solving Real Problems

Through randomized and controlled clinical trials, including retrospective, prospective and observational studies with our users, we focus on real customer problems to bring solutions, knowledge and empowerment to parents.


Owlet Smart Sock Improves Usability, Care Access, and Reduces Parental Anxiety in Newborns

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Instilling Trust

Trustworthy Research is valid, reliable and objective. Owlet is dedicated to the rigorous discipline trustworthy research takes.

Medical Advisory Board:

Laura A Jana, MD
Gabrielle Gold-Von Simson MD, MSC
Joseph R Hageman, MD

If you have any questions, please reach out: clinical@owletcare.com