FDA-Cleared BabySat Monitoring System

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A New Era in Infant Care is Here

Parent-loved design combined with hospital-grade accuracy to transform care at home

BabySat is the first FDA-cleared pulse oximeter featuring Owlet’s wire-free Sock, designed for in-home use.

Owlet BabySat™ White paper

Accuracy Evaluation of the FDA-Cleared BabySat™ Pulse Oximeter in a Home-Monitoring Study

Results from a home-monitoring clinical study evaluating oxygen saturation and pulse rate accuracy of BabySat™ in infants

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BabySat is going to revolutionize how we take care of patients. I was so excited when I heard the FDA news - this is something we’ve needed for a long time.

Dr Erin Pierce, Pediatrician

BabySat is going to be a game changer for the pediatric medical community. From a parent perspective, you’re going to be able to monitor babies at home with a lot more reassurance and peace of mind.

Dr Alex Laudenklos, OB/GYN

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