Owlet Sock Fit & Placement

Using Your Owlet Sock

Every Owlet Sock includes four fabric socks, two left and two right socks. Sock fit and placement is a critical step to ensure an optimal experience. You can purchase additional fabric socks here or replacement parts on our website here. If you have questions or comments regarding your sock, please read this article and then contact our Customer Support Team via the chat feature online or in the Owlet app, or call (844) 334-5330.

  • Which fabric sock should I use?
  • Your Owlet Sock came with four fabric socks. Please reference the chart below when making your choice. Please remember, weight is typically a more accurate guide when selecting the proper size.
  • How do I put on the sock? - Sock placement 
  • 1. Place the notch in the Sock behind the pinky toe on the side of their foot 2. Secure the toe strap around the foot above the toes. 3. Then wrap the ankle strap around the back of the ankle and secure it on top of the foot. Ensure that the ankle strap covers the full strip from the ankle to the top of the foot. 
  • Putting on the sock. How tight should the sock be?
  • The Sock should be securely and snugly placed on your baby's foot but not too tight. If the ankle strap doesn’t fit all the way on the pad, you may need to move up to the size 2 sock. 
  • Can you wear the Sock under footie pajamas?
  • Yes! Just make sure the Sock is directly next to the skin. We recommend using your best judgment selecting pajamas that are not too tight or too hot. Excessive moisture and pressure may cause skin irritation on baby's sensitive skin.
  • How do I insert the sensor?
  • After selecting a size, make sure the sensor is properly attached to the sock. The notch on the sensor should line up with the notch in the sock. 

Please reach out to Owlet Customer Support via chat online or in the Owlet app, or call (844) 334-5330 if you have any questions or concerns about using your Smart Sock.

- Owlet Team