Owlet® Dream Sock

The first of its kind FDA-cleared baby monitor.

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Model: Dream Sock / 0-18 months

93% of Surveyed Parents Report Improved Peace of Mind When Using Dream Sock*

*April 2022 survey of 300+ Owlet Dream Sock users

Kira Patton (@ki.sa)

This Owlet Dream Duo has been life changing and I wish I had it sooner!

I’m able to have a peace of mind when I go to sleep at night and not have to worry about waking up to check on my little one every hour.

The enhanced Dream Duo combines the Dream Sock and Cam 2 and is the only baby monitor to track heart rate and oxygen as Sleep Quality Indicators—all while streaming HD video right to your phone. If you are a mama, especially a first time mama I highly recommend adding this to your registry!

Tabitha Dubois

So worth it.

After early loss in April 2021, having my son had been the best thing to ever happen to me. However, I knew my anxiety about his well-being would not subside once he was here. I wanted the Owlet Dream Duo because I thought it would help me when he was sleeping. I knew that the dream sock displayed his heart rate and average o2 sats. And it had more than largely served its purpose. All of the other features - sleep quality indicators and sleep tracking- have made it that much more worth it.

Lauren Fullerton (@ourfullerhome)

So much peace of mind

With my first two babies, I had so much anxiety about them sleeping. I was checking on them every minute and hardly sleeping myself!
With the @owletcare Dream Sock Monitor and Cam 2, I’ve received so much peace of mind. It tracks heart rate and average oxygen level as sleep quality indicators so I know Axel is sleeping soundly. Our bedtime routine is a success because of Owlet Care!

Monitor What Matters Most

The award-winning Dream Sock and Dream App work together to give you brighter days and more restful nights.

We're Up All Night for Your Peace of Mind

Get the extra peace of mind that comes from knowing when Baby is sleeping soundly, or when they may need you.

What’s Included

Everything you’ll get when your Dream Sock arrives

One Dream Sock Sensor

Four Fabric Socks - Fits babies 0-18 months, 5-30 lbs

Wireless Charging Base Station

Access to the Owlet Dream App and our Predictive Sleep Technology

[Sock Plus Only] Two Toddler-Sized Fabric Socks (30lbs to 55lbs)

The Owlet is like a genie when it comes to your baby's sleep, and everybody knows there is nothing more valuable to a new parent than sleep
The Best Gift For New Moms, According to New Moms

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