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Know Your
Baby is Okay

Track and trend your baby's
heart rate, oxygen levels & sleep.


Why Parents Trust the Smart Sock

Better for Baby.
Better for You.

We keep you informed with live and trended wellness data like heart rate, oxygen levels and sleep so you can know what your baby needs and when they need it.

For added peace of mind, we notify you when your baby's heart or oxygen levels are outside of preset zones. It's a better way to know they're okay without disrupting their sleep or yours.

"This smart monitor actually helps you reclaim hours of much-needed sleep"

- What to Expect, Best Baby Monitor 2017

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A Smart & Healthy Start
to Parenting

Sleep-related risks are highest during the first year of life. We believe we can help parents by:


Creating products to give better insights into the health and well-being of infants in the home.


Educating parents on safe sleep practices and other ways to raise healthy babies.


Partnering with foundations and researchers to raise awareness around infant health issues.