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6 Postpartum Essentials for Mom and Baby

6 Postpartum Essentials for Mom and Baby

Bringing a newborn into the world is a life-changing experience for every parent. However, the postpartum period can be equally challenging, both physically and emotionally. To make this journey smoother and more enjoyable, we partnered with Natalist, the destination for fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum essentials, to curate a list of essential products designed to support and enhance the postpartum experience for both mom and baby.

  1. Owlet Dream Duo 2: Sleepless nights and anxiety are an inevitable part of the early parenting phase, but Owlet’s award-winning Dream Duo 2 baby monitor can provide parents with much-needed peace of mind. This bundle includes the Dream Sock® which wraps gently around the baby's foot, tracking their live pulse rate, oxygen level, movement, wakings and more. Paired with the Cam 2 parents can see and hear their little one at any time over a secure network, monitor room temperature and humidity, receive cry notifications, and save and share video clips. The corresponding Dream App notifies parents with lights and sounds if their baby needs assistance due to a significant shift in their readings. With Owlet, parents can take comfort in knowing that their baby is sleeping well, enabling them to get some well-deserved quality rest during those first days, weeks, and months.

  2. Postnatal Vitamin: A postnatal vitamin can be a great support for infant development and maternal nutritional needs.*1-5 The Natalist Postnatal Multivitamin supplement is specially formulated to support the unique dietary needs of mom and baby during breastfeeding. It offers 20 high-quality nutrients including plant-based DHA to support baby’s brain and eye development, choline to support baby’s neurodevelopment and brain function, B vitamins to support mama’s energy levels, and iron to replenish red blood cells.*4-7 Remember to always check with your healthcare provider before starting any new vitamins or supplements to make sure it’s the right choice for you!

  3. Nip & Lip Balm: Designed specifically for pregnant and breastfeeding moms, this unscented moisturizing balm with shea butter, organic cocoa butter, organic argan oil, and organic coconut oil, conditions and soothes dry, cracked nipples, and lips. It’s free from lanolin and mineral oil and is pregnancy safe so mama can soothe sore nipples without worrying about their little one. Plus, there is no need to remove this nipple butter before breastfeeding!

  4. Fiber Supplement: Ingesting a healthy amount of fiber is important during and after pregnancy.*8-11 Natalist’s all-natural, soluble fiber supplement is clinically-proven to relieve chronic constipation and hemorrhoids and support an overall healthy digestive tract – and it’s safe to use while pregnant or while breastfeeding.*8-11

  5. Hydration & Energy Electrolyte Drink Mix: Hydration is key for a healthy postpartum journey.*12 This drink mix is specially formulated with key electrolyte ingredients including sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, and hyaluronic acid – plus B12 to support energy levels.*13 It’s sugar-free and a tasty alternative to water that comes in convenient, single serving, easy-open hydration packets.

  6. Magnesium Supplement: Magnesium is a vital nutrient needed for a healthy body and can be very useful for newly postpartum parents.*14 Get your magnesium fix with this tasty drink mix, formulated with a blend of magnesium, calcium, and vitamin D3 to support relaxation, calcium absorption, and bone health.*15-17 Magnesium can also promote muscle relaxation and healthy muscle function, reducing the likelihood of muscle cramps and spasms.*18



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