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Why the Owlet Cam 2 and Dream Duo 2 are Baby Monitors Parents Can Trust

Why the Owlet Cam 2 and Dream Duo 2 are Baby Monitors Parents Can Trust

When it comes to baby monitors, there are a lot of different options on the market. They all pose different features, different specifications, and different advantages. How do you know which is the right one for you? Although it may be tempting to seek the most advanced features, there's one factor that you should consider above all: security. Luckily, the Owlet Cam 2 and Dream Duo incorporate both factors. Here’s a look at Owlet’s advanced security measures, and an overview of our products.

Why You Can Trust the Cam 2 and Dream Duo 2

When it comes to baby monitors, one of the most important features is security. Parents need to know that their baby is safe and sound and that the WiFi/streaming connection is secure. Both the Cam 2 and the Dream Duo 2 have advanced security features to help keep your data safe.

Here are the specifics:

AES 128-bit encryption

The Owlet Cam 2 uses AES 128-bit encryption, which is among the most secure encryption methods available.

Amazon Web Services

To help keep your video clips secure, the Owlet Cam 2 is built on the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is the only commercial cloud that has had its service offerings and supply chain vetted and accepted as secure enough for top-secret workloads.

Consistent security audits

Rigorous, regular audits are performed by respected third parties on Owlet’s backend systems to ensure Owlet meets widely-accepted security standards.

Advanced, evolving AI

AI is only as good as the datasets that train it. Owlet has monitored more than 1 million babies, to ensure readings are accurate and reliable.

An Overview of the Cam 2 and Dream Duo 2

Want to know about the additional features of the Cam 2 and Dream Duo 2? Here’s a closer look at the specifications of each of these products.

Cam 2

The all-new Owlet Cam 2 lets you feel like you’re there, from anywhere. Check on Baby with HD video & night vision streamed right to your phone. Enjoy a full view of Baby with a wide-angle view & 4x zoom.

The Owlet Cam 2 also features video clips when sound, motion, or crying are detected in Baby's room. These video clips allow you to watch Baby’s cues that would have previously gone unnoticed from the next room. Learn subtle cues that Baby shows before they start to cry, so you learn why they’re crying, and how you can best soothe them. Manually log your baby’s sleep events in the Owlet Dream App and know exactly when Baby is ready for their next sleep with our new Predictive Sleep Technology. Pair Cam 2 with the Owlet Dream Sock for automated sleep tracking.

You can also use two-way talk to stay connected to Baby and soothe them from anywhere. Listen to audio from your baby's room in the background while using your phone to scroll, shop, or text. Live room temperature and humidity readings help you keep Baby comfortable as the seasons change.

Dream Duo 2

The Dream Duo 2 combines both the Dream Sock baby monitor and Cam 2 and is the only baby monitor pair to track heart rate and oxygen level—all while streaming HD video right to your phone. Our Predictive Sleep Technology automatically tracks your baby's sleep & wake windows so you don't have to, and the Dream App will let you know when Baby might be ready for sleep—before they're overtired. Better plan your day and your to-do list without worrying if you're stretching your little one too thin.

Take comfort in knowing that our cutting-edge technology will send you a Sleep Assist prompt via the Dream App and Base Station when Baby may need your attention. Review video clips from the Cam 2 triggered by sound, motion, and crying to help give you clues around why your baby isn’t sleeping well, and how you can best soothe them.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to choosing a baby monitor that is fully functional and meets advanced security standards, the Owlet Cam 2 and Dream 2 are ideal options. Not only do they come packed with features that will give you insight into monitoring your little one, but they're also made with parents in mind. From the brand that has monitored over 1 million babies, Owlet creates high-quality products that provide parents with greater peace of mind.