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Frequently Asked Questions About BabySat

Frequently Asked Questions About BabySat

In June, we announced clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) of BabySat™ smart baby monitor, Owlet’s first pulse-oximetry medical device featuring its advanced, wire-free sock design. As a leader in infant health and monitoring, the addition of BabySat combines Owlet’s consumer-first expertise with hospital-grade monitoring accuracy. Below are some frequently asked questions about BabySat – and make sure you’re signed up for email notifications to receive the latest updates on product availability, pricing, and more.

What is the functionality of BabySat?

BabySat uses pulse oximetry technology to track pulse rate and oxygen saturation level in real time, and will alert caregivers when those readings fall outside ranges set by a physician.

When will BabySat be available?

BabySat availability is targeted for January 2024 and further details will be announced soon! The best way to stay up to date on the latest about availability, pricing and more is to register for email notifications! You can sign up here.

Do you need to have a prescription to use BabySat? What will the prescription requirements be?

Yes, you will need a prescription from your healthcare provider to use BabySat. We will provide more information on instructions and requirements as soon as we’re able!

If you’re not able to obtain a prescription when BabySat is available, we encourage you to give Dream Sock® a try! The new FDA-cleared Dream Sock will track and display Live Health Readings, including pulse rate and oxygen level. Additionally, the new FDA-cleared experience includes Health Notifications, which will alert parents with lights and alarm sounds when their child’s health readings fall outside of preset ranges. You can use HSA/FSA funds for Dream Sock, or can select a payment plan option at checkout! *US only, FDA-cleared features arriving by January 2024 for healthy infants 1-18 months.

How much will it cost?

We’re still working on pricing and cost, taking into account implications of potential insurance reimbursements as well. Our goal is that all parents have access to products they need to monitor their baby at home and we’re actively working to make this possible!

What ages can BabySat be used for?

BabySat is cleared for use with babies 1 to 18 months (6-30 lbs).

What is the difference between BabySat and Dream Sock?

BabySat is an FDA-Cleared prescription pulse oximeter that is intended for use on infants that require additional monitoring under the supervision of a medical provider. Caregivers receive alerts if levels leave physician-set ranges. BabySat pairs with the Care+ app and does qualify for insurance reimbursement options.

Dream Sock is the first and only FDA-cleared over-the-counter pulse oximeter for infants. It is intended for use on healthy infants. It features Live Health Readings, including pulse rate and oxygen level and Health Notifications that will alert caregivers with alarm lights and sounds if levels leave preset ranges. Dream Sock pairs with the Dream App and does not qualify for insurance reimbursement. However, it is HSA/FSA eligible. *US only, FDA-cleared features arriving by January 2024 for healthy infants 1-18 months.

Will my current Owlet product still work?

Yes! You can continue to use your current Owlet product. BabySat is a new FDA-cleared medical device to be prescribed by healthcare providers. Dream Sock is our award-winning consumer product designed for use with healthy babies to give parents peace of mind while they sleep and we will continue to have this available for caregivers in the US and Canada.

You can learn more about BabySat and sign up for email notifications here. Please reach out to our Support Team at with any additional questions.