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Over the Rainbow: Support for Subsequent Pregnancies After Loss

Over the Rainbow: Support for Subsequent Pregnancies After Loss

When you think of a rainbow, you might think of a pot of gold, a sign of hope, or the beauty after the storm. For many families who have experienced pregnancy loss or the loss of a child, a “rainbow baby” is a beautiful metaphor for their subsequent pregnancy. After all, a rainbow baby comes after a storm of grief and sorrow.

If you're expecting again, it can be complicated to process the mixture of joy and fear that comes with this new experience. Although a rainbow baby comes with great joy and anticipation, subsequent pregnancies after loss can also be challenging—mentally, emotionally, and physically.

No Foot Too Small

No Foot Too Small —an Owlet Cares nonprofit partner in Iowa—was founded in 2013 out of a desire to draw awareness to pregnancy loss and infant mortality, while also encouraging the celebration of little lives lost. They aim to provide families with the gift of time, celebration, and community, and do so by hosting annual events around the nation. However, their work doesn't stop there.

When No Foot Too Small welcomes a family into their community, it’s a relationship that lasts for years to come. In many cases, they support parents with the loss of their first child, through their expectant new pregnancies.

The Rainbow Project

This is where the Rainbow Project comes into play. Starting this year, No Foot Too Small's "Angel Ambassadors" will nominate one family each month to receive a basket of items—including an Owlet Dream Duo donated by Owlet Cares—that will help support parents through their pregnancy, delivery, and journey home.

“Loss doesn’t go away with the arrival of a new baby,” says founder Robin Boudreau. “It creates different thoughts and feelings for the mom and dad as they move forward with their grief. This will offer No Foot Too Small another opportunity to help these moms continue to navigate their previous loss with new joy.”

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